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Tiptons Sax Quartet Educational Workshops One Sheet

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More nice things people are saying about The Tiptons Sax Quartet….

“…a mix of oneiric rhapsodizing and jump-band scat.”
Jon Garelick, The Boston Phoenix

“The quartet, with lead composers Amy Denio and Jessica Lurie, gravitates to funk and the bitter edge, using both saxes and voices. The group’s diverse experiences are embedded in the set.”
Karl Stark, Philadelphia Inquirer

“…The rich, brassy sounds of all those saxes never leaves you wanting there to be a guitar or piano; they handle all the chores just fine by themselves, and then some. Back in the Swing Era, all party music was driven by a lot of horns. The Tiptons Sax Quartet: Laws Of Motion makes me wonder why party music couldn’t be that way again.”
Victor Aaron, Something Else! Prestige Records

“The Tiptons are one of my very favorite bands these days. Beautiful arrangements that are both funky and swinging, amazing solos, and, increasingly, incredibly beautiful vocalizing. They range far over the map in terms of their interests, but wherever they alight, there’s something moving, strange, beautiful, and new. No one else surprises me as much and with such stunning musicality.”
Rick Moody, author of The Ice Storm

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