Robert Kainar

Robert Kainar belongs to the most wanted drummers of the Austrian music scene.
His work with artist like  k3, dreamhunter, Wodd Air Quartett, Ranajit Sengupta, Mulo Francel, Lisa Wahlandt and many others made him well known all over the globe.

Beside his with range of Sideman work Roberts founded in 2013 a group called Ensemble 013 as a Festival Orchestra for the Salzburg Summer Festival.

As well Robert is doing a Solo program based on a fusion of acoustically and electronically generated beats and sounds, all produced live and momentary.

He works with acoustic instruments (percussion, toys, trombone,…) and electronic sounds and loops.

Robert’s  own  Label “sowiesound” is giving a comprehensive reflection of his resent work.

His style oscillates between jazz, club beats, trance, noise and drum and base creates a space for improvisation and artistic freedom.




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