Tiptons on Science Friday! (PRI)

Composer Amy Denio created the song ‘Strange Flowers’ for the Tiptons, inspired by Rafil Kroll Zaidi’s research findings about bees in his scientific column ‘FINDINGS’ for Harper’s Magazine. This strange dark piece became the title track to the Tiptons’ recording STRANGE FLOWER.

Author Kroll Zaidi has just published FINDINGS, a fantastic illustrated book of excerpts from this column, and was recently interviewed by Public Radio International for SCIENCE FRIDAY. Denio was invited to be part of the conversation!

Listen to this very entertaining interview! The broadcast aired on December 25, 2015.

Lyrics used by permission from Kroll Zaidi & Harper’s Magazine:
Honeybees who waggle dance are head butted by their hivemates when danger is present.

Bees can remember human faces, but only if they are tricked into thinking that we are strange flowers.

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